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Who is Molly?

Who is Molly?

When designer Molly Greig first envisioned the Molly G. handbag collection, she knew she wanted to create a line of handbags that were a reflection of the women she surrounded herself with — unconventional, original and stylish. Molly knew in her heart that her business was to be ethically made in the USA with meticulous quality and craftsmanship in mind.

Molly's journey to becoming a successful business owner did not come without a struggle, especially in her early years. She best describes how she overcame childhood challenges, in an open letter below:

I remember being given something to read in the sixth grade and having to write about what we'd read. It took me forever because I had to read each word slowly and link them together. We had to write about it and I couldn't find the words. They were all fragments of my thinking and seeing. At the time I was labeled slow and nonsensical, which I have learned over the years couldn't be further from the truth.

I felt trapped without a voice or words to explain what was in my head or how I saw things. So I discovered that I could better show you than tell you. Using color shape, drawing, body movements, and facial expressions, I finally found a way to communicate through art. These handbags are part of the beautiful collage that existed in my head, now finally made tangible in the creation of this line of bags. 

I'm no longer coming from several directions trying to keep up. I am happy to give you something complete from my beautifully random mind. WE all have a voice inside that's unique and meaningful. I hope my way empowers you to find and share yours.