We are often faced with making the hardest decisions. Do you carry a clutch or shoulder a bag? We are happy to report, that you no longer have to make that choice.

Yes, you read that properly. Our Rebel clutch isn’t only fabulous on its own; it fits into just about everything. Oh, including Clyde.

Rebel: Is our classic leather babe. Her perfect figure will allow you to not only store your phone, wallet and lipstick but is also great for tablets. Rebel will undoubtedly become your go to clutch.

Clyde: Isn’t your average handbag.  You’ll love the laced detail on the sturdy leather handle, the interior zipper and magnetic snap closure.

I think we can all relate to forever searching for the PERFECT leather handbag; one that doesn’t have too many bells and whistles. Simply put, a good, solid, quality leather handbag, Stop searching, because these are it. The leather is unimaginably soft to the touch yet thick enough to withstand the abuse we put our bags through.

Now, think: Rebel + Clyde = Always prepared. Only need the essentials? Pull your Rebel Clutch right out of your bag and go. Need a little more like your laptop and something to keep your essentials together? I vote: Clyde and Rebel for the win.

The beauty of it all is that both of these Molly G handbags are offered in a variety of colors to suite your unique style. Match them or add a pop of color! You’ll never be left making the Clutch or Handbag decision again.