Oh Honey

Some of you may not have noticed, but we are having an affair with Honey this season. If you are not familiar with this rich take on yellow; let us get you acquainted.

Our friends over at Swirl Boutique styled an amazing shoot with Love Strength and featured our favorite clutch as the very pop of color Honey provides every outfit.

Our love affair with Honey started earlier this fall, but has gradually integrated itself into a must have statement color in our wardrobe. While Honey leather is technically lending itself as an accent color to most, it happens to equally be considered a neutral. How? The richness of Honey perfectly tones the brightness of traditional yellow.  

Can Honey be the new nude? We say, why not! Honey can equally be paired with any color combination while adding more visual interest to an outfit.  The appeal with nude is that it can quite literally go with everything. Let’s think about this for a moment. Can honey be paired with: black, white, beige, brown, navy, olive… pink? YES! In case you were still on the fence about adding this fabulous new color to your bag collection, you can shop soundly knowing that neutrals, such as Honey, transition to ALL four seasons.  

Now that you’re as hooked as we are, you can shop Honey in both our Rebel Clutch and our classic Clyde Hobo bag; both perfect for just about any handbag lover! Shop Honey now!

Cheers xo