Molly G is made in the USA

I grew up in a small town in New York where my father was a dairy, beef, and fruit farmer. He lived and breathed off of the land and I learned the value of hard work, very hard work. I was also exposed to the sacred essence of nature and how keeping things local can create a sustainable economy if committed to and practiced in the right way.

When brainstorming the concept to create Molly G handbags I knew these core values would be an important part of my business. Everything in the fashion industry seemed to be mass produced overseas. I couldn’t witness if fair labor practices were put into place. I couldn’t see if the craftsmanship and hand done nature of the bags would be loved and cared for like the amazing women I work with here in LA.

I knew the path for us was to keep it local and keep our production in the USA, despite the fact that this would significantly increase the cost of goods. I was willing to take this chance as I deeply believe it is the right thing to do, and I’m confident our customers share these same values.
I am proud to make our products in the USA, to keep things local, and to foster long-term relationships with the women who bring my creations to life. Thank you for supporting Molly G. Together, we can take small strides to make a difference.
Molly G