Halloween - Girls Night In

The How To Guide

October is full of comfort and excitement as our environment is changing; the air gets a little cooler and our wardrobe gets cozier. So now that we are fully settled into fall weather with our spiced lattes; Halloween is creeping up on us.

While a crazy night out sounds like fun; a girl’s night in sounds equally appealing. We’ve come up with a few tips and tricks… and treats to have the ultimate Halloween night in!


Start planning now; you know how the game goes. Everyone likes to make plans, purchase the perfect costume. Let everyone know ahead of time that the place to be is your couch, wearing their favorite set of pj’s.

Try to avoid planning your soiree on actual Halloween night, that way the ladies with little ones can enjoy trick or treating with them. It’s like having your cake or candy and eating it too!

Start early! Have the ladies over for an early dinner and keep it simple... we suggest Pizza.


You’re going to want to decorate. You can go all out with lights, Pinterest the best way to make an adult size fort or keep it simple buy purchasing those adorable mini assorted pumpkins.

Ask everyone to bring their favorite blanket to cozy up while watching movies.

Speaking of movies; everyone is to bring their go to Halloween movie!


Is girl’s night ever complete without the group signature drink? Whether the staple beverage is wine or green juice (aka witches stew) make sure you have it there.

Pick your poison! Ask everyone to bring their absolute favorite Halloween treat; it’s one of the few days a year we get to purge on candy.

Disposable cameras for everyone! There’s nothing like a good old printed photograph to commemorate a memory and keeps the moment authentic. While of course snapping a couple selfies along the way for Instagram!

Can’t wait to see what you ladies plan!

Cheers xo